Database Engineer:

 rate-45/hr, Location-Hillsboro, Or, Interview by phone- Yes, please send
candidates ASAP

*Our client is in need of a Database Engineer for a 6-12 month project.*

*PHP Programming experience is required.*

-Must possess several years experience with recent versions of either *MS
SQL Server *or *MySQL* or both, including installation, configuration,
schema design, and maintenance in MS Windows environment
-Experience designing and developing a *VB UI application* to interface with
a database.
-Experience programming in *VB.NET and C#*
-Proficiently code in *SQL* as well as at least one of popular DB-accessible
scripting languages, like *ASP, PHP, or Perl* .
-Experience developing web based front end to data mine / search database
-Experience with tools to import and export data from DB
-Experience with tools such as *Crystal Reports* to generate custom reports
from exported DB
-Candidate must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

-They will be interfacing with 2 groups that will share a common database.
In addition, candidate will be presenting design schema to these groups as
stakeholders. Lastly, candidate will need to document all development
-Experience with *HP (Mercury) Quality Center* administration and
-Experience with *DTM* (Driver Test Manager), Microsoft's certification
-Experience with defect tracking databases

* *

*Graphic Software Engineer: *

*rate:open, *

*Location-HIllsboro, Or, interview by phone- yes, please send candidates

*Our client is in need of up to 10 consultants with 5+ years of experience
in graphics driver and related software development for a 12 month project.*

 *Experience with any combination of the following:*


Video BIOS


embedded operating system


Larrabee graphics driver development – Needed to
support current and next generation software/drivers

Work with other developers in writing and testing driver
software primarily targeting Vista operating

• Strong C/C++ skills

• Driver performance optimization

- FreeBSD experience

*For performance, I'm looking for:***

a)     Knowledge (experience) with x86 assembly

b)    Usage of performance optimization tools (Vtune/gprof)

c)     Experience doing performance optimization/tuning in software (drivers
a plus)

*For the shader compiler side:***

a)     Experience witing optimizing compilers (the optimizing part may be
hard to find).  Obviously "shader compiler" would be ideal, but compilers in
general should have a similar skill set.  If their experience lists
"compiler backend", that would be great.

b)    Experience writing high-performance compilers - the speed of the
compiler istelf is almost as critical as the speed of the generated code

c)     If someone has Just-in-time (JIT) compiler as an experience, that's
perhaps even more closely related to what we're trying to accomplish with
the shader compiler.

Please let me know if you need additional information...

Nayeem Amin
Decca Consulting
Ph: 832 561 0634
yim: amin_gci

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