Bodyguard fucks his owner's young daughter on the dinner table - Video
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Mark had been in the security of Mr Jones for a year or so. From the day he
joined, he had been eyeing his sweet just-turned-18 daughter. Whenever he
would see her in the pool, he would get an instant hard-on. The babe senses
Mark's intention and requested her Dad to assign him as HER bodyguard. Her
busy dad agreed without giving it much thought. Now, she would make Mark's
life miserable by teasing him at every opportunity. She would show him her
boobs and give him peeks of her panties under her skirts. Occasionally she
would also "accidentally" rub her boobs on him and move her hands over his
cock. The situation became so bad, that Mark would be seen walking around
all times with a hard-on. On day, everyone at home was out and only Mark was
left behind with the babe. At dinner, she showed in a very seductive gown.
Mark could no longer contain himself and grabbed her and stripped her off
her gown. She pretented to resist, but Mark was not to give up. He just
layed her on the dinner table and fucked her reallllllllly hard. Video
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