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Hope you are doing great, by this time you are aware of , but we wanted to provide more information with
regard to the reach of your Job Posting to potential candidates.

1)      Lucid Jobs application is listed on Face Book job application
directory, so you have a potential to reach as many users as possible. (

2)      Lucid Jobs gadgets are listed on Google (

3)      Lucid Jobs distributes it RSS feed of job postings to Google (

4)      Lucid Jobs distributes it RSS feed of job postings to Yahoo (

So go on and post your jobs and get qualified candidates, we promise that we
will be an extremely user friendly site catering to Employers, Recruiters
and Seekers. We will keep the job posting module FREE for life time.

*There are three ways you can post your jobs on our website, *once you
register and activate your account:

* *

1)       Public Posts: These are the jobs which you can post using our web
interface, which will be active for 30 days and will take top priority in
Job Listings. This is the most comprehensive job post, hence the resumes you
receive will be more qualitative.

2)       Email Posts: this option is only for our registered employers,
where you can email the job requirement with Title in Subject line,
Description in Body of email, we will publish your job posting automatically
after a review. If you are not a registered employer then we will return you
mail with the description of how to use this feature. This type of job
posting will be there available for only 7 days.

3)       Job Link: You can post the link of the job posting or if you have
RSS feed of your job postings, we will import your feed to accommodate the
postings into our application.

Thank you and hope you will get some good candidates / good Corp – Corp
contacts from our website.

*Thanks and Regards:*

*Lucid Jobs Advertisement Team*

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