Hello ,
Hope you are doing great !
I just got a requirement and If you have a good match for the
requirement then please reply me ASAP.
I would appreciate if you would send a word version of your
consultant's most updated resume and the best number to reach them
during the day.

POSITION :Oracle developer
LENGTH :14 Months

Job Description:

Bachelor's degree required.
Requires at least 10 years of relevant experience
- 5 years of experience working in fast track high performance environment.
- 5 years of experience as Oracle developer including PL/SQL
procedures, packages, triggers development, data staging, data
analysis, database design (both logical and physical), experience on
Oracle system tables/views, etc.
- 5 years of experience working in UNIX environment including
developing shell scripts to interact with databases, familiarity with
basic UNIX commands
- 3 years of experience in building data mart as repository for
historical information .
- 2 years of experience in Windows Server environment including
developing batch scripts.
- 2 years of SQL Server development experience.
- 2 years of PHP/PERL/HTML/JAVASCRIPT programming experience.
- 2 years of Enterprise data Archiving experience.

Thanks & Regards
Shantanu Kakati | [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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