Requirement 1:


Project VOX is responsible for starting a new business for Microsoft by 
building new consumer services and mobile devices using our own bleeding edge 
voice technologies. The ideal candidate for this position should be a 
self-motivated, team-player who is eager and excited to work with state of the 
art technologies. This is a unique opportunity to be exposed to a variety of 
different technologies and be part of building a new business.


We've decided that WinMobile experience is more important than C# for this 


**Candidates must be able to interview in person for the final interview**


Please use Ian Sandy coding screen for this position

# Requirements: Minimum 3+ years experience writing applications for Windows 
Mobile 5+ Smartphone and PPC devices (or AMAZING WinCE experience)

# Minimum 3+ design and development experience with data structures and 

# Strong UI development skills



# Experience with C#

# Experience with SQM

# Experience with digital audio recording, playback, compression, and editing



Requirement 2:

Location :Redmond,WA

MS-Premium Mobile Experience, product development management group

Our team is writing both native and managed code on the Windows Mobile 
operating system. While much of our focus is on application level software we 
are looking for individuals who are comfortable working with lower levels of 
the software as well. Work will include new development, integrations, and bug 
fixing on a large project.


 candidates continue to be declined because they don't have enough mobile 
experience. Candidates from T-mobile, Nokia, Verizon, and similar companies 
seem to be preferred.


# Required Screen: What is your expertise in your current role? (What do you 
work on that is different from others on your team?)

# Do you have any experience coming up to speed on a large code base?

# What percentage of your time do you spend writing code?

# Do you have experience with multi-threaded programming? If so please explain.

# Write a function that returns the 5th element from the end of a singly linked 
list. Make your solution as optimal as possible. Provide a set of test cases 
against that function.

# Required: 4+ years of professional software development.

# Retail mobile product development (cell/smart phones/PDA/ Pocket PC's) 

# 4+ years of C++ development required (UI level- not embedded), C# experience 
a plus

# Experience with Mobile clients or Windows Mobile/Windows CE Required



# Proven design and implementation skills required

# Proven debugging skills

# Experience working with multithreading required.

# Excellent oral and written communication skills along with strong team skills 
are required

# Experience shipping retail products preferred.

# Work on performance analysis and scalability a plus.

# A BA/BS in Computer Science, Math, EE or equivalent industry experience is 



Requirement 3:

Location:Moutain View ,CA

Seeking a talented NetBSD software developer interested in helping Danger (a 
subsidiary of Microsoft) ship the next generation of Danger's Sidekick 
platform. Specifically, we're looking for NetBSD developers interested in 
commercializing the NetBSD platform for an embedded mobile computing device, 
focusing on performance and optimization, bug fixing, and integration with 
Danger's higher-level platform code, with an emphasis on kernel and driver 


# Qualifications: NetBSD experience required

# 8+ years of software development experience

# 8+ years experience with C

# Strong understanding of OS concepts (particularly with NetBSD) such as 
multi-threaded program design and synchronization, processes & memory 
protection, etc.

# Strong communication skills

# Strong understanding of the NetBSD/GNU software development process and 
embedded development & debugging techniques

# Deep understanding of NetBSD, including timers, RPC, TCP/IP, etc.

# Experience with ARM processors highly desirable




Requirement 4:

Location:Redmond ,WA

Develops software programs of a complex nature, including operating systems, 
applications, and/or network products for external customer use. Designs and 
performs analysis on moderately complex programs and systems. Contributes to 
the development of processes and methodology. Assists in the development of 
assignments and schedules.



The new Engineering Services and Excellence team is looking for a Software 
Development Engineer who is interested in joining the exciting and fast paced 
world of Mobile and Embedded Devices, Responsibilities include using C++, C#, 
Windows Installer, WiX and other technologies to create setups for multiple 
products across the Mobile and Embedded Devices Program Group. Qualified 
applicants should have 2-3 years development experience, solid C++ or C# 
development skills, strong communication skills and the ability to work with 
multiple teams. Experience with setup design, setup technologies, and BS in 
computer science or related fields is preferred.


Develops software programs of a complex nature, including operating systems, 
applications and/or network products for external use. Develops project plans, 
functional specifications and schedules for these products. Designs and 
performs analysis on complex programs and systems. Assists in determining 
product requirements and enhancements.


2 plus years work related experience required. Relevant technical skill 
required. Strong communication skills required. May require advanced knowledge 
of programming languages and/or development tools in one area, and moderate 
level skills in multiple areas.



Notes: Same manager as position #11, if you guys remember that one! Manager 
still has a really high bar for MSI. Candidates must have really good MSI 
experience AND C# or C++.


Update: Rate has been increased!

# Required Needs to know MSI - InstallShield is not enough, be able to 
troubleshoot and fix issues w/ MSI

# Must have C++ or C#

# Good communication skills

# Excited to work new projects


Bonus Skills

# WiX

# Perl



Neil Kumar


PRIMUS Global Services, Inc.

1300 W Walnut Hill Ln, # 160

Irving TX 75038


Ph:   214-774-2210 Ext. 205

Fax: 214-774-4854





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