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Location: Boston, MA

Duration: 3-6 months Contract

Rate: DOE


Title: MySQL DB Admin



.        Reviews, develops, and designs data models using standard
diagramming techniques, in conjunction with application development teams;
creates logical data models and translates into physical database structures
that integrate with existing or proposed database structures. 

.        Monitors relational databases to optimize database performance,
resource use, and physical implementations of databases; addresses a variety
of database integration issues including migration between disparate
databases, integration, maintenance/conversion, capacity planning issues,
and new applications. 

.        Maintains development, test, and production RDBMS environments. 

.        Monitors and maintains database security and database software, in
cooperation with data security administrators. 

.        Provides advice to applications programmers in the effective use of
database languages; advises on troubleshooting, exception processing needs,
and other data management issues. 

.        Maintains availability and integrity of databases through multiple
access schemes; facilitates sharing of common data by overseeing proper key
and index management and data dictionary maintenance. 

.        May evaluate and recommend testing and evaluation of new
procedures, software, and hardware. 

.        Monitors and manages database backups, logs, and journals;
installs, maintains, and upgrades database software; restores and/or
recovers data as required. 

.        Creates, procures and maintains various database related documents
such as manuals and programmers handbooks. 

.        Maintains currency of knowledge with respect to relevant
state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems. Performs
miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. 

.        Provides superior customer service to internal and external
clients, customers, and patients as referenced in the Service Excellence

.        Confers with personnel involved with new system implementation and
upgrades to find solutions and validate vendor proposals ensuring that all
plans provide sufficient server redundancy for mission critical

.        Works with system stakeholders, department managers and application
vendors to determine proper server specifications, gather pricing and
ordering information. 

.        Maintains current patch and service pack levels on all MySQL DB

.        Maintains overall MySQL DB server support and ensures maximum
up-time for mission critical applications. 

.        Actively manages and monitors the performance of MySQL DB servers
to provide end users with reliable connectivity. 

.        Troubleshoots MySQL server application problems in cooperation with
outside vendors and CCHC staff. 

.        Evaluates new technologies for enhancement of server performance,
management and security, and recommends their use where appropriate. 

.        Implements new technologies within the server environment where

.        Maintains overall responsibility for design, installation and
support of MySQL DB system server infrastructure. 

.        Performs support, maintenance and capacity planning for MySQL
server environment striving to achieve optimal performance. 

.        Ensures quality of customer service to end users by monitoring
MySQL server error logs and correcting all problems reported therein.



Saurabh Singh

MIS Consulting, Inc.

(630) 670-9814

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