Send me your resume on [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have client requirement, please send me if you have any strong consultant
with good communication skills.

Duration: 3 months—1 Year (will be four days a week, ten hours a day)

Location: CT Hartford

The developer will be expected to perform tasks similar but not limited to
creating high-level and low-level design specifications based on
requirements,  creating BizTalk artifacts (e.g. schemas, maps,
orchestrations, pipeline components, …) and testing the artifacts to ensure
that they meet XL requirements.

The Developer Skill set should include:

·  BizTalk 2006 R2
·  ESB Guidance
·  .NET 3.0 (WCF, WF)

ACORD knowledge is desirable but not a requirement.]]


Durgesh shroti
Urooj Corporation
201 334 5251

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