Dear Associate,

Let me have a *.NET** **Engineer** **for a** 6 Months Contract **in
the**Greater Portland area
**.** *I need to replace this position immediately!  I need a really, *really
smart* Candidate.

*Location: **Portland**, **OR***

*70% is front .NET Development, and 30% is on the backend (SQL Server)*

In this position, candidate will be assisting in several areas.  Assist
importing and validating data / accuracy, assist with updating existing db
schema to accommodate planned expansion, assist and/or create support for
Crystal Reports via the UI.

   - Must possess several years experience with recent versions of either  *MS
   SQL Server* or *MySQL* or both, including installation, configuration,
   schema design, and maintenance in MS Windows environment
   - *VB.NET* development experience
   - Must possess experience *Crystal Reports* to generate custom reports
   from exported DB via *UI*.
   - Experience architecting and DB from scratch.  They will be responsible
   for updating design schema based on user requirements and be able to
   implement updated solution.
   - Proficiently code in
   - Expertise in developing web based front end to data mine / search
   - Experience with tools to import and export data from DB
   - Candidate must possess excellent verbal and written communication
   skills.   They will be interfacing with 2 groups that will share a common
   database.  In addition, candidate will be presenting design schema to these
   groups as stakeholders.  Lastly, candidate will need to document all
   development efforts.

Thanks and Regards,? *  *


*OutworX Corporation*
3940 Freedom Circle,
Suite #209, Santa Clara,CA 95054

Direct:  *408-216-8851*


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