HI All,
Please let me know if you have any one for below position.

*Documentum Developer*
*Secaucus, NJ*
*3 months*
*Job Description:*
*The candidate must have hands-on experience implementing and customizing
Documentum 6.5 WDK based web applications, *
*specifically Webtop and Retention Policy Services. The candidate will
ideally have experience with the Documentum Business *
*Object Framework developing TBOs/SBOs as well as custom workflow, lifecycle
and server methods.  *
*The candidate should have worked with BPM (Process Builder) to implement
workflows and also have experience with*
* Documentum lifecycles.  The ability to support and troubleshoot content
server and method server issues is a plus.  *
*Any past experience with migration activities from a filesystem into
Documentum is also a plus. *

Thanks & Regards,
732-686-5493 Ext 143  | 732-476-6219 Ext 143  *

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