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Local candidates needed as there will be an in person interview.

Location: Maple Grove, MN

Term: 6 months

Rate: $55/hr

Data Analyst / ETL (PL/SQL) Developer

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

"Support the Data Conversion process of mapping, cleansing and reformatting
data to be loaded into the Highline system.

"Custom report development using Discoverer and WinWord.

Need someone who has been involved in a Data Conversion project where data
was moved from the old system to a new/different another, Target to Source
data mapping/movement, Database structure, tables, etc. Need pl/sql and sql
for development. Also some who has evaluated and customized/developed
reports. DRC is converting off of ADP to Highline, this is an HRIS time and
payroll system.

The development resources would be looking at all standard reports within
high line and making changes we needed for the addition of project, phase,
and task which will be user defined fields in their system.

Also conversion of current data into High Line from payroll, OSAS, and HR
systems for the following:

   - Organizational data
   - Gl segment values
   - Benefits
   - History to convert
   - Payroll data/ history
   - Dorgherty interface (temp employees)
   - Manager bonus pay
   - Track fiscal to date salary into epersonality
   - Project code to osas
   - M&i 401k interface

Some additional requirements are:

      a. An understanding of data structures such as the creation of files,
data base structure (tables, etc)

      b. An understanding of sql (especially with regard to the use of sql

      c. An understanding of pl/sql (the creation or modification of stored
procedures in the database), while not mandatory, goes a long way to a
smooth conversion

      d. The ability to read entity-relationship diagrams and apply this
knowledge to  the view of data as seen in the ePersonality application

*Thank you,*

*Austin Smith*

*MillenniumSoft, Inc.*

*Tel:   703 672 6897*


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