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Dear Partners:-

Please find the requirement currently open.

*Java/Flex Developer*



$3-4 Months


Position Summary
The candidate will join the Trading Connectivity team responsible for
connectivity development.  The role will work primarily with the development
group, but will also require collaboration with various technology product
teams, business management, infrastructure, operations and finance teams.
He/she will focus on the creation of tools for transitioning customers from
the legacy platforms to the new strategic connectivity framework.  This

-  Scripting, using existing logs, configuration files and configuration
-  Creating tools and UIs to enable the migration of client configuration
from the legacy environment to the strategic environment
-  Aid in the creation of a system to store the resulting configuration
-  Support for these tools

The candidate should be able to work from business specifications
independently on code creation and enhancements within strict timelines.  A
formal lifecycle is used, so the candidate should be able to translate
business requirements into technical specifications and to produce suitable
test plans for the QA function to run.

This individual will be responsible for the following:
•  Analysis of the existing configuration
•  Creation of tools to migrate the client configuration
•  Support of these tools
•  Responsibilities include analysis, documentation, development, support,
testing and deployment and shall be achieved using both local and offshore
•  Working on development requests from a number of business areas (Trading
and various other business groups).

Key Technical Skills:
1)  Working knowledge of Adobe Flex programming
2)  Java server side skills
3)  Strong Oracle and PLSQL skills, including knowledge of DBA
4)  Familiarity with Jython scripting is preferred, but not mandatory.
5)  General scripting knowledge (shell, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc).

Please respond with Resume, Rate, Current Location and Phone numbers of the
Consultant. Make sure the Consultant's skills match the requirement.

I will contact you, if I need more information.



*Palak Patel*

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