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*Position:* Oracle EBS OM/Shipping developer

*Location*: Chicago, IL

*Duration*: 3 – 6 months

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*Job Description*
Oracle EBS Application Support Lead

Evaluate unshipped lines for a Customer Ship Site. Unshipped lines could be
for more than 1 order. If total volume exceeds trailerload limits, proceed
with the algorithm. Group lines by full and partial pallet quantities.
Build trailerloads for full pallets 1st. Fill all available pallet
positions for a load, stacking where possible based on pallet height. Begin
a new load after the trailerload maximum is reached. After going through
full pallets, if there is available space to stack a partial, review
cartons and add to load. Note: Full pallets are checked by height and
partial by cube. Build trailerloads for partial pallets next. Place any
remaining cartons, based on cube, to additional trailer(s) until all units
are assigned. Once loads are determined, create deliveries. Note that a
single order line may be split across 2 or more deliveries.

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