Title: *Progress Programmer*
Location : Manhattan, NY
Duration: 3-6 Months+

Detail information of the project::
We have a possible need to replace an outside consultant who has done some
work for us using Progress as the coding language.  Progress is also a
database.  We are running an MIS product sold by a company called EFI, and
the software is called Monarch.  It is a manufacturing tool specific to the
print industry that does estimates/plans, creates job tickets and has a
full accounting package integrated.

The guy we have been using is resisting a move by us to make him part time,
now that the integration part of the project is pretty much complete.  He
has created two programs in Progress that look for exported data from our
Filemaker job tickets on a PC server where we export to, and he runs this
little program to initiate the same job date to open under the same job
number as Filemaker, in Monarch.  He has a second program that synchronizes
the invoice billing lines we make in Filemaker, to a pre-invoice area
within this Monarch software. So, all these Progress scripted programs do
is watch for data on a cron schedule, and when finding data, initiate the
copy of this data to Monarch where the script invokes job creation header
data, and the job billing detail within the job.

Thanks & Regards,

Fred Kahn
ITBrainiac Inc
Phone: 201-588-7291
Email: F <feroz.k...@itbtalent.com>red.k...@itbtalent.com
Website - www.itbrainiac.com

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