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*Title:*  *TIVOLI ARCHITECT*  posted on 2013-07-31 13:20:21

*Job Description:*·         Review overall architecture of TSM setup
·         Review of how agents are scripted and being deployed
·         How to capture Storage Usage Stats for DAL and HOU locations –
verify De-Dup features are working properly, and verify we have enough
storage in place to proceed with all Backups
·         Review of Backup and Restore Design Flow
             ·         Does it make sense the current way TSM is configured
for CVR?  - i.e. Restoring to HOU from a backup that pulls from DAL even
though it has been replicated to HOU?
             ·         Why are Backups  of a 250GB drive taking 3+ hours
(performance statistics)
·         Report creation and management
             ·         CVR has samples of existing reports from Avamar (for
             ·         We will need to set up exceptions and run reports on
Folder/File level data
·         Q & A session with key staff who will be managing the TSM product
(Spencer, Tim, Kenny, Somou, Sam)
             ·         Such as recommendations on Database backups and
restores and other general questions
             ·         Build an exclusion list that can be pushed out to
multiple Servers – such as a Folder that has Antivirus that is constantly
running and cannot be backup so it fails for that component but does not
ruin the                entire backup


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