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*Hope you are doing well.*

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*I have an urgent opening.*

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*Location: Redmond, WA*

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*Job Desc:*

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*1. Excellent Network administration and troubleshooting skills.*

*2. Deep understanding of Network Security Concepts.*

*3. In-depth knowledge of IP Routing, Firewalls, IPS, Wireless IPS, DDoS
Protection as well as significant systems experience*

*4. expert-level knowledge and experience in the network security field and
ability to design and troubleshoot network security solutions.*

*5. Experience in developing security hardening procedures, security best
practices, and policy implementation*

*6. Demonstrable experience in programming or scripting languages*

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*If you have any suitable profile please let me know.*

Kind Regards,

Sanjay Kumar Singh

Technical Recruiter

IDC Technologies, Inc.,1851 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 116, Milpitas, CA ,
USA, 95035

Direct: 408-457-9399 Ext No. 2064 I Email: sanjay.ku...@idctechnologies.com

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