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Title:  SAS Administrator  posted on 2013-10-04 09:43:16

Job Description:*Job description*:
·         Customer has two SAS environments, both *Virtual (VMWare):*
·         (1) *Analytics Pro* on a windows server that users use Citrix to
·         (2*) SAS EBI* being used for a custom built web application that
has various prompts and produces different types of reports. The customer
recently moved most of their PC users to the server environment for
Analytics Pro and is looking for a SAS Admin to administer both platforms
while providing best practices and standards for users of the newer Server

·         The engagement will consist of administering two environments:
·         *Analytics Pro Server:* this is a relatively new environment with
users that have migrated from their PC SAS licenses. Users access this
server through Citrix. Customer is looking for someone to administer this
environment. This would entail tasks such as:
·         Applying SAS hotfixes and product updates, creating OS folder
structures to support various types of security models, defining best
practices for data volumes such as *SASDATA and SASWORK,* scheduling jobs,
·         In addition, performance trouble shooting needs to be performed
for code that might run too slow or use too many resources. Experience
troubleshooting Windows server performance with *SAS* is a must.
·         Experience providing guidance to users that come from a PC SAS
mindset. Understanding the issues and obstacles involved with such a
migration and how to guide the users around them.
·         *EBI Server:* This environment is used primarily to support a
custom web application that uses various stored processes. Candidate will
need to understand how EBI works and how to perform administration tasks
using the SAS Management Console. Candidate must also have experience with
Stored Processes along with the other web applications. Troubleshooting
stored process server and object spawners issues is a must.
·         *General Product Knowledge:* This candidate should have enough
knowledge of the SAS product suite to suggest better and more efficient
ways of getting tasks done. Advice is needed as to which product is the
best to perform which task. These include products that the customer
currently has and products that the customer could benefit from.

Job Requirements: *Other Skills:*
·         Experience managing daily SAS admin issues, managing tickets,
interfacing with SAS Tech Support, managing documentation, and evaluating
environment improvements making appropriate recommendations with Customer
Management, vendor team (infrastructure and SAS) and end-users while
helping to ensure an incident free deployment, and complying with internal
quality methodology, Compliance Requirements and standards.
·         Maintain environment backup, access control and daily monitoring.

Bachelor’s degree (in a quantitative field, preferably Computer Science, IT
or related field). Work Location
Primarily remote (75%), but combination on/off site required with one week
per month on-site in Northern Chicago area. (1 hour North of Chicago.)

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