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* **Job Description:*

*Job Title       : Quantitative Analyst*
*Location       : *Troy MI*
Duration       : *3-6 months contract (Extendable)

*Job function: * (Define the overall function or purpose of this position.)

The Quantitative Analyst will be responsible for providing assistance with
defining and developing the overall metrics / analytics program for the
Service Company.  This role will work towards supporting the development of
the analytics strategy, identifying and integrating various data sources to
provide organization leaders understandable and actionable analysis to
accomplish specific strategic and business objectives and identify
opportunities for continuous improvement.  This position will contribute to
the Quantitative Analytics efforts by:

·         Supporting technology to improve quality, reduce cost, improve
cycle time, and overall effectiveness of statistical analytical processes.

·         Identifying, improving and consolidating core metrics and
statistical analytics with operational dashboard reporting at the
supervisor, manager and executive levels.  Assist in the creation of a
single source repository for operational, benchmarking, market trend, etc.
metrics.  Ensure quality of data and provide guidance to business
stakeholders in interpretation and analysis.

·         Contributing in problem solving efforts on assigned projects

·         Providing reporting, monitoring, and documentation of analyses
and processes.

·         Assisting with data gathering and analytics required for
compliance with regulations.

·         Identifying and integrating new data sources and analytics as
appropriate to support business units within the Service Company.

·         Identifying improvements in dashboard, time reporting and metrics
collection systems.

*Scope of responsibility:*

Responsibility for the Quantitative Analytics Program throughout the
Service Company which includes:

•  Metrics and analytics support to include: defining, developing and
improving data quality and associated analysis (regression, data tree
analysis, neural networks, etc.), researching and resolving data anomalies,
providing ad-hoc reporting and guidance to consultants, business units and
other stakeholders.

This individual will identify opportunities to apply statistical methods
within the business, design statistical and analytical solutions and lead
the development and implementation of those solutions. He/she will partner
with other members of the business to initiate, prioritize, scope, design
and deliver high-visibility quantitative projects.  Other responsibilities
include advancing the statistical capabilities of the business through
increase statistical knowledge, development of statistical capabilities,
and incorporation of research into usable solutions

 *Major responsibilities:***

Quantitative Analytics Development (50%):

•  Provide support with the development and implementation of the
Quantitative Analytics vision and strategy.

•  Provide input and /or make recommendations to identify, enhance,
efficiently collect, and consolidate core metrics and associated analytics.

•  Provide data mining and predictive analytics expertise in support of
business units and continuous improvement activities.

•  Assist in the creation of a single source of truth repository for
operational, benchmarking, market trend, and other key metrics for use by
executive and business unit leaders, the data analytics team and continuous
improvement practitioners.

•  Manage analytical data and use of technology, such as Cognos, SAS,
Minitab, Microsoft Office,ensuring data is current, accessible, accurate,
and usable for analytical projects.

•  Assist with data gathering and analytics required for compliance with
regulations, maintaining an awareness of evolving regulatory guidelines and
industry practices.

•Monitor the development, monitoring, validation, and calibration of
statistical models.

Analytics/Metrics Consulting (40%):

•  Develop, deploy and enhance Service Company Operational dashboard
reporting.  Engage through Lean Six Sigma consultants to support business
leaders in understanding and identification of issues and opportunities
highlighted through dashboard metrics and reporting.

•  Research, identify and integrate new data sources, such as benchmarking
and customer demographics, and associated analytics as appropriate to
support consultants and business unit strategies within the Service Company.

•  Provide proactive guidance and advanced training, as appropriate, to
Lean Six Sigma consultants in descriptive and predictive analytics, data
collection, interpretation and analysis of process metrics

•  Actively support and engage with Continuous Improvement practitioners in
their consulting role to business units by supporting initiatives through
statistical subject matter expertise, identifying data sources and
integrating new operational metrics as appropriate.

•  Provide reporting, monitoring, and documentation of analyses and
analytic processes.

•  Provide operational data as requested by government agencies.

•Support corporate initiatives as assigned.

Analytics Content Management (10%):

•Ensure analytics content availability, accuracy and support business
timelines and strategies

•  Validate and reconcile data content; research and correct inaccuracies
in data content.

•  Make recommendations to develop / capture change requirements to
analytics systems.

* *

*Additional information: *

The following are key requirements for the manager:

·         Masters degree in statistics, analytics or associated field or
Bachelors degree with statistics or analytics certification.

·         4-6 years Business Intelligence Software Experience applied to
predictive analytics / data mining.

·         4 years data mining experience

Thanks & Regards,

*Vamshi Rudra*
39138 Fremont Blvd Suite 201 Fremont CA 94538
*619-639-2353*, vam...@compuga.com, www.compuga.com*
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