Hope you are doing well!
We at Panzer Solutions were wondering as to your current availability. We
have an open position that we thought you may be interested in.  If you are
interested and available or know someone else who is, please contact me. *

Job Title     :  PHP Programmer With Perl
Location     :  LINCOLNSHIRE, IL
Duration     :  12 months contract*

Perl/PHP Scripting abilities from scratch- not just maintaining existing
code. They need to be able to demonstrate that they’re not just changing
minor values, need to be able to implement major functionality changes with
the code to fully automate processes.
With Linux- Need to manage services on linux box and coding to make these
services compatible within the existing environment.
Command line - bash/Shell/CMD (all configurations are through command line,
Virtualization - from the server point of view, not as much from a desktop
point of view
Experience with Cloud services from a server point of view
VMware/Vsphere  set up, maintain, and automation
Storage and Connectivity  understanding iSCSI, NFS, cifs (SAN is a plus)
 for Server storage
Some Network experience (DHCP, DNS)
Coding  Development background (Perl, .Net, Web Services - Rest)

Development background
VDI (Virtual Desktop)
Pthyon and VMware is a plus

This resource is being brought in to support the Windows 7 migration from a
Linux point of view. Because their servers are Linux, they have network
services (dhcp, dns, and PXE boot) to produce those technologies and to
make them intelligent. Based on their skill set, they will be assigned to a
team lead and either take over existing projects, or they will be put on
new projects. They are being brought into expand the server group. Although
the environment may only have 5 servers, those servers will be re-produced
8200 times, for the company's 8200 locations. They will configure and set
up the servers and configure network technologies and program a web
interface. Although this position is a Server Engineer from a Linux point
of view, they have to have an understanding of Windows as well.


Kevin Johnson| Technical Recruiter
Panzer Solutions LLC
Direct: (203) -652-1444 Ext 115
Fax: 203-286-1457

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