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Title:  Hot - Sr. Java developer (10 years exp Must) - Client: CSC( Obama
Healthcare, Govt) - Location: Albany, NY  posted on 2013-11-04 09:11:20

Job Description:

Sr. Java developer (10 years exp Must)

Client: CSC

Location: Albany, NY

No. of Positions: 10

Java developer position we have available at CSC in Albany, NY .  In order
to submit to CSC, I need 3 references (name, #, title and email address),
your education, and for you to rate yourself on the below sentences.
Please simply put a 1 – 5 at the end of each sentence according to your
skill level.  Please see the rating scale to rate yourself.  Below the
rating scale is the job description so let me know if you have any
questions and we can go from there.

 Rating Scale

1 = no knowledge of the technology

2 = Read about, or experimented with the technology but no professional

3 = Experience with the technology, but not yet mastered

4 = advanced level knowledge; can help others

5 = guru – can write a whitepaper on the technology; expert

Rate yourself

1.   Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or equivalent certificate with 10
plus years of experience.

2.   Must have 6 plus years of development experience in

a.    Enterprise applications using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

b.   Using Eclipse or similar tools

3.   Strong in core Java

4.   4+ years of experience in Hibernate and Spring

5.   Must have 3+ plus years of working experience in environments with the
below or similar web-based application technologies:

a.    Web based application development such as Websphere or JBoss
Application Server environment

b.   Service Oriented Architecture (Web Services)

6.   Ability to write SQL Queries involving complex constructs

7.   Ability to Read SQL/PLSQL code issues

8.   Experience in implementing large scale application including knowledge
of concurrency, transactions, etc.

9.   Should be knowledgeable about XML, XSLT, and XPATH

10. Should have understanding of Configuration Management tools, e.g. IBM
Rational tools

11. Should have good design skills including design patterns

12. Should have good communication, documentation and presentation skills

13. Must be a team player and inclined to learn latest Java features and
apply them to the project

CSC – Albany, NY

•             Experience leading a team in the design of program
specifications and implementation of software solutions

•             Prior Health Care Applications project experience

•             Agile/Iterative development experience

•             DROOL business rule experience

•             Experience with Alfresco document management

•             Experience with Websphere Content Management system (WCM)

•             Experience with workflow, SSO, ESB Framework, Audit Framework

•             Experience in BPEL development

Work Assignments:

Work under direction from the technical lead to design, coding and unit

Participate in code peer reviews and ensure the code written complies with
the company standards and policies

Participate in meetings and discussions with Functional/Technical Leads to
understand the requirements and work out a design

Work with Test Team to resolve test issue

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