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Role :  Sr. Systems Engineer

Location  : San Bruno, CA

Duration : 1 Year



Job Description :

Ø  You will function as the Senior SysOps Engineer to help lead the build, 
automation and monitoring of the current Walmart ecommerce infrastructure 
your mission will be to help architect, create, and design a reliable, secure, 
scalable environment to provide the best experience for end users.

Ø  You will do this as part of a team of System Engineers that will work 
with other engineering teams to build an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) 
platform on the current Walmart ecommerce infrastructure platform

Ø  You should have a passion for producing quality deliverables in a timely 
manner. You will be working in a fast paced (Agile) environment.




You must possess a minimum of 5 year experience in a production environment, 
supporting at least 1000 physical or virtual Linux/Solaris systems with recent 
hands-on experience in:

Ø  RedHat package creation and repository management w/Kickstart

Ø  Solaris Sparc & x86 Jumpstart w/JET experience

Ø  Core system services: BIND, Sendmail, NTP, NFS, etc.

Ø  Web servers (Apache) and application frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, 
JBOSS, etc.)

Ø  System and Application Logging: syslog-ng, Splunk, etc.

Ø  Source code management: GitHub, Subversion, CVS, etc.

Ø  SQL or NoSQL databases: MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB, CouchDB, etc.

Ø  You must have extensive experience automating and monitoring infrastructure 
deployments using modern scripting languages (Python, Ruby) and configuration 
management tools (Puppet, Chef, CfEngine, or Bcfg2) and command execution 
(Fabric, Mcollective, or Capistrano) and automated imaging tools (PXE, 
Jumpstart, Cobbler, Orchestra)







  Ph No:- 980-819-0687

  E-mail:- ke...@riderconsultinginc.com    

  G-Talk : kevinpatel.ri...@gmail.com                                           

  Web Site :- www.riderconsultinginc.com


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