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*(1)Job Title:* Enterprise Architect

*Duration: 4 months*

*Location: *Milwaukee, WI, US


**Locals with in-person interview available are preferred.

Job Description:
- Rationalization Targeting: applications listed as potentially being able
to be decommissioned or that are listed as “staying” in the environment
will reviewed by the team using the defined operating principles.  Input
will be gathered from IT stakeholders and IT business relationship managers
as required and specific applications targeted for further discussions with
the business.  Targeted applications      will also be reviewed with the
steering committee for support.
Beyond the operating principles, the following factors will also drive this
- Application was previously identified as  being able to be decommissioned
as part of the GPT program
- The application usage is low
- The application value to the business is  perceived to be low
- Applications that present a high risk (technically,  functionally, or
- The application year for potential decommission/consolidation (FY14
before FY15)
The team will need to identify those applications that can be
decommissioned in FY14 early in the effort.  The goal will be to drive out
as many low hanging fruit applications as possible (those that can quickly
be shutdown or replaced with something else).
- Rationalization Validation:  This phase involves reviewing the
applications identified as a decommission candidate with the business
owners and IT owners.  Communications will be provided to the business
owners and IT owners in advance of the review.  They will be tactfully
instructed to be prepared to justify “why an application needs to stay?”
based on the operating principles as opposed to us “asking if it can
removed”.  Meetings will be scheduled with the owners with a focus on
driving the application to a decommission state.  Final findings for each
application (in batches) will be reviewed with the Steering Committee.
Those applications confirmed to be decommissioned or consolidated to
another tool will be updated in our Technology Portfolio System.  Those
that can be removed in FY14, will be communicated to the decommission team.
The Decommission team members are separate from the Application
Rationalization team and are focused specifically on the removal, archive,
and warehousing of applications being removed from the environment.
Global client has over 800 applications that they are attempting to
consolidate and decommission through Application Rationalization.  This
position will require a broad understanding of enterprise-wide
systems/applications to assist client with determining what applications
can be consolidated or retired.


*(2)Job Title:* System Analyst

*Duration: 8 months*

*Location: *Boston, MA, US


**Locals with in-person interview available are preferred.

Job Description:
- Should have Security background
- Should have Strong communication skills
- Should have Problem solving skills
- Good to have IAM (Identity and Access Management) experience

1. Analyze existing business operations and existing information systems
2. Propose alternative solutions to business problems whenever need arises
3. Recommend technology products (hardware and software)
4. Design new systems including process flow, user interface, reports, and
security procedures.
5. Prepare training material for users of new system.
6. Supervise implementation of new system.

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