*Please send the resume with rate and contact details to *
*resu...@gallopresources.com* <resu...@gallopresources.com>

*Job Title: Sr Production Support Engineer Duration: 12 Months Contract
Location: Charlotte, NC *

*Job Description:*

   - This is a 3rd level escalation production support role.  They rotate
   24X7 starting Fridays and ending the following Friday morning.  Sometimes
   there are no calls during the week, other times there are calls during the
   week.  3rd level means it has gone through the help desk, to the 2nd level,
   they’ve gone through their checklist, haven’t been able to solve the
   problem, so it then goes to 3rd level.
   - The support they provide is to messaging and the OFX process – traffic
   routing of messages.
   - Apache Tomcat powers numerous large-scale, mission-critical web
   - F5 comes into play in that it provides the tools to load balance, for
   SSL and IP controller for the servers, so Tomcat F5 experience is required.
   - A well-rounded person with good technology background, someone with
   UNIX experience is good; they are a windows shop so someone w/ windows
   experience is also important.
   - In addition to production support, they participate in project work –
   including releases and deployment of business application upgrades, as well
   as required upgrades released by the s/w vendors they use – packaging and
   deploying the release/upgrade (they call this patching – which is done 2X a
   - When a project introduces changes to a database, app server, Webserver
   or the network, someone from Juan’s team is assigned to represent his
   platform (messaging, OFX) to make sure his platform is taken care of from a
   ‘requirements’ perspective (appropriate requirements are included in the
   ‘project’ effort to cover messaging & OFX).


GALLOP Resources, Inc
1220 N Market Street, Suite 806,
Wilmington, Delaware, 19801

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