Hi Partners,

Please find the *requirement details *below and let me know if you have any

Send me profiles at *vam...@compuga.com <vam...@compuga.com>*

*Job Description:  *

*Title                : **Front End Developer*
*Location         :* St. Louis, Missouri
*Contract        :* 6 months+


The Front End developer will be responsible for all components of user
interface development:

·                     Work with the UX/UI team to develop designs and

·                     Use created designs and wireframes to create clean
and standards-compliant HTML, CSS and JS in a variety of server frameworks.

·                     Follow prescribed CSS & JavaScript Standards & Best

·                     Use JSDocs API syntax to create rich JS

·                     Debug and eliminate browser-specific JS and CSS

·                     Work within the front-end team to create generic
reusable modules.

·                     Acts as a conduit between User Experience teams, Lead
Developers / Stakeholders and technical teams in an Agile environment.

·                     Design and implement rich Object Oriented JavaScript
applications, applying structural design patterns such as MVP/MVC, MVVM



·                     B.S. in Computer Science or related field; equivalent
work history is acceptable.


·                     Strong professional experience and a proven
understanding with iterative development, incremental software delivery.

·                     Having wide-ranging experience, knowledge, web
development principles alongside strong analytical and problem solving

·                     Demonstrated experience and knowledge with a solid
understanding of JavaScript fundamentals (prototyping/mock data/testing).

*Knowledge and Skills:*

·                     4+ years of native JavaScript experience, along with
CSS2/3 and HTML 4/5

·                     Proven ability with the following libraries &

o                  RequireJS

o                  jQuery 1.6 through 1.9

·                     Knowledge of SASS or YAML preprocessors

·                     Knowledge of CSS frameworks (Foundation, Bootstrap,

·                     Understanding of Java and J2EE design and development
practices, JSP 2.1, JSTL 1.2

·                     Solid understanding of network technologies and
protocols & AJAX principles

·                     In-depth knowledge of ECMAScript 3 & 5 standards,
browser-specific quirks

·                     Strong knowledge of version control systems such as
Rational Team Concert, Subversion or Git

·                     Must have excellent problem solving skills

·                     Excellent oral and written communication skills

·                     Strong ability to multitask and keep multiple efforts
moving forward

·                     Excellent analytical skills

·                     Familiarity with JSDocs API documentation syntax

·                     Familiarity with debugging tools such as Firebug /
Chrome DevTools, and IE developer tools

Thanks & Regards,

*Vamshi R*
39138 Fremont Blvd Suite 201 Fremont CA 94538
*619-639-2353*, vam...@compuga.com, www.compuga.com
* GTalk/YIM: vamshi.staffing*

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