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Please mail your resume to vi...@intellisofttech.com or call me at 972-756-1212
Ext: 132

*Position: Linux Admin with salt/chef/puppet(Don't Reply without these
skills) Duration: 6+ MonthsLocation: San Antonio, TX*

   - Hands on years working on a RedHat/centos type environment
   - Installing RedHat/centos from cd or Kickstart
   - Adjusting for security
   - Auditing the servers for key activities
   - Troubleshooting issues related to the operating system/hardware
   - Ability to install/configure/manage packages or additional components
   as required
   - Ability to configure network management, bonding, etc.
   - 3 years handling release management for production type environments
   - 2 years using GitHub
   - 2 years using configuration management tools like salt/chef/puppet
   - 2 years architecting systems for HA/DR
   - 5 years handling networking troubleshooting/issues
   - 5 years handling SSL  certificates, installation, configuration
   - Experience with managing ruby on rails application sets
   - Experience with managing Splunk for centralize
   - Experience with OpenStack, architecture, installation and configuration
   - Experience using Capistrano for deploying out application changes.
   - Experience quickly understanding an environment and documenting out
   physical and logical architecture as required.


 972-756-1212 * 132
*|| GTalk*: vijay.smist* ||** YIM*: vijayinventit ||

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