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Title:  Oracle Datbase Architect/Developer  posted on 2014-04-01 11:56:53

Job Description:Title: Oracle Datbase Architect/Developer
Location: ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Duration: 6 months with extensions
Client: high tech software industry
Interivew: webcam to hire
Required for hire: laptop

*Experience working with Commissionable Sales teams is a must. *
*Experience with callidus is a huge plus*

·         Receive a consolidated spreadsheet of the GEO territory mapping
configuration provided by the Sales Ops Coordinator
·         Loads the territory mapping configuration to the CRE staging area
·         Executes process to transform the data into nodes and components
·         Executes process to parse the territories into expressions
·         Perform edits if warranted under the guidance of the Sales Ops
Coordinator (solely to drive credit recognition of the content)
·         Sends back the accepted configuration with error reports based on
any and all updated territory mappings
·         Notes any and all of the changes driving the iterations for the
updated territory mappings
·         Receives the revised content of the updated territory mappings
after consolidation by the Sales Ops Coordinator
·         Executes process to re-produce results for the data sets
requested for individual GEO's
·         Executes the process to extract results into a cube deliverable
format i.e. BI TRX Data Feeds
·         Uploads the BI TRX Feeds to the designated file share location

o   Business Skills
·         Significant knowledge of Citrix Sales Territories, GEO Hierarchy
structures, Products
·         Interact with the Sales Compensation Operations to determine
updates to Core Product Groups (CPG), Sales Compensation Plans

Job Requirements: *Experience working with Commissionable Sales teams is a
must. *
*Experience with callidus is a huge plus*
·         Oracle PL/SQL via. Toad, SQL Developer
·         Oracle Table Loads/Indexing/Partition Maintenance
·         Callidus VPN Access
·         Execute, script PL/SQL Packages and Stored Procedures
·         Execute, script Log Files and Error Reports

Salary: 65

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