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Role:             UI Engineer/Site Developer
Location:             Remote/Telecommute OR Downtown Houston
Duration:             2-3 Year Contract

UI Engineer:

We are looking for a UI Engineer that will provide specialized support in
creating and expanding the user interface elements found in our
application. They are responsible for creating cross-browser, reusable
elements from HTML5 and JavaScript that integrate into the page rendering
architecture and semantic markup. They will work closely with the Digital
Production Designer and the Art Director, institute predictability in the
user interface while assisting in the design of information-centric
application displays. They will work with the QA team to develop automated
tests to integrate into the common build to ensure stability of the
functionality of visual components.
Your experience includes:
Strong experience with and a deep understanding of JavaScript and a passion
to learn more
Demonstrable experience with Javascript libraries. Including, but not
limited to:
       Important: jQuery.js, Knockout.js, d3.js, Raphael.js  (in regards to
jQuery, we expect lots of demonstrable experience. This would include the
development of custom jQuery extensions, widget and plug-in development as
well as authored utility libraries.)
o   Or: Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, Node.js, Require.js, Ext.js,
JsUnit, Cassette
A studied understanding of the use of object-oriented, semantic, and
modular CSS3 and CSS3 pre-compilers like SCSS or .LESS. This will include a
how-to on handling of older browsers without using hacks. Strong emphasis
on good design patterns that can be adopted and repeated in a large teams
       Solid experience with front-end frameworks like Foundations or
Twitter Bootstrap
       An intimate understanding of the differences between the rendering
models of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox
       Strong experience with HTML, and in particular whats new in HTML5
and benefits
       Experience with UI test automation tools (like Selenium, CodedUI)
       Experience in not only working effectively with a large team of
developers but to design and lead the implementation of the overall
JavaScript/CSS3/HTML architecture that is consistent and repeatable
       Experience with Git and Github
       Other desirable experience:
       Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc..)
       Experience with Agile and in particular Scrum (pair programming and
       Comfortable with presenting and running workshops for a small- large



*Thanks &Regards,Vishal,Swarky Solutions Corporation |Plymouth, MN
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