*Performance Engineer*

*Beaverton, OR*


*Phone then Skype*

*Required Skills: *

•           Perform benchmark measurements on - Various platforms as well
as analyze and report the results Acquire and compile new benchmarks

•           B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or
related field of study

•           Knowledge of computer architecture

•           Familiarity with benchmarks and computer performance evaluation

•           Software development skills

•           Fluent in C and/or C++ and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
Additional Skills:

•           Knowledge of scripting Ianguage such as perl or Python is a

•           The ideal candidate will have expertise in Android framework
and corresponding SDK, Linux Kernel, Dalvik and associated JIT compiler
optimization techniques, and strong familiarity with x86 microarchitecture
and code generation/assembly language.

•           He or she should be able to debug and instrument kernel, system
libraries and driver code and be experienced in using performance analysis
tools such as Oprofile, VTune, and similar Linux tools.

•           The candidate should have demonstrated analytical and debugging
skills, and should be able to examine data patterns to identify performance
issues and improvement opportunities.

•           The candidate must be meticulous and careful, maintain detailed
logs of day-to-day work, provide accurate, well-written reports, and
develop and share BKMs with other team members.

•           The nature of the work this team does makes it essential that
each member be quick to learn, flexible, able to work independently, and be
able to quickly switch between tasks.


Chetan Singh Panwar
Dominion Technology Services Corp


E-mail: che...@dtscinc.com

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