*Mandatory General Requirements:*

q  Associate’s Degree in Data Processing or equivalent.

q  Experience with production support of a large, complex application
including the ability to resolve problems in constrained timeframes.

q  Strong verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to
gather and provide information effectively, regardless of audience.

q  Strong collaborative skills, service oriented, and strong interpersonal
skills with various levels of business and technical staff.

q  Strong analytical skills that include working directly with business
staff to determine sound technical solutions for business requirements.

q  Strong organization, planning, problem-solving, and decision-making

q  No difficulty in prioritizing and managing multiple tasks.

*Mandatory Gen Developer Requirements:*

q  At least 3 years software development experience (subsetting and coding)
with the Gen toolset in a client/server GUI environment, version 7.0 or
higher.  Experience must be current (within the last year) and must be in
support of a large-scale, complex application system with a Microsoft
Windows client and a relational database server.

q  At least 3 years experience with DB2 relational databases, including
logical design, understanding of physical design components, and complex
SQL statements

q  Experience in assessing application performance issues, identifying
efficient solutions to address performance issues, and the ability to tune
database access paths related to a complex data model.

Experience must be current (within the last year).

q  At least 5 years full lifecycle software development experience.  Software
development experience must be current (within the last year) and must be
in support of a large-scale, complex application system.

*Preferred General Requirements:*

q  Bachelor’s degree.

q  Experience working  on  Gen 7.6/8.0 toolset in a Client/Server

q  Experience implementing application security using RACF.

q  Experience in debugging CICS Command level application, CICS Internals
including Multiple Region Option(MRO), Transaction Routing and Function
Shipping, CUC and CICS Transaction Gateway

q  Windows 7 experience (application client).

q  ActiveX control experience.

q  Experience with CICS and CICS commands.

q  Experience working as part of a large (40+) software development team
using structured procedures and guidelines.

q  Working knowledge of the following tools:  Microsoft Word, Microsoft
Excel, Microsoft Visio.

q  Experience managing small-to-medium projects or components of larger

Please forward your resume shashi.itstaff...@gmail.com



Sarkit Inc.

Omaha, NE-68136


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