*Title :* Technical Writer

*Location :* Harrisburg, PA:

*Interview Type : In Person Only*

*For below direct client requirement, send your consultants resumes to *
*mon...@pcsionweb.com* <mon...@pcsionweb.com>

The technical writer will need to write in a clear and concise manner and
to be able to convey information appropriately for a variety of audiences.

Will need to be able to comprehend the custom written software program.
Will not have to write code, but will be required to understand the logic
and provide documentation for various audiences, including an Administrator
of the system.

Will be interviewing staff to obtain business process information and ways
the stakeholders plan to use the system.  Strong listening skills will be
required to capture the information necessary and to know which follow-up
questions need to be answered.

The tech writer will need Visio, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel skills
to produce documentation.

The tech writer needs an appreciation for graphics and formatting as well
as illustration skills to create the documentation.

Take an active role in the testing process and in ensuring the system is
usable.  Work closely with the team and vendor to ensure the processes and
the system are understood and documented properly.

Document the new business processes associated with the system

*Types of specific duties that would be required of the Technical Writer 3*

*Testing documentation* - We are currently performing internal testing and
need to have test scripts written to follow and ensure that all scenarios
are tested.  The individual will work with the team to understand the
system setup and operations.  Detailed test scripts will also need to be
developed for outside stakeholder testing.

*Training materials* - After the testing is completed, training
documentation will need to be developed.  Training documentation will need
to be developed to accurately train client.

*Help Desk scripts* - After implementation, users will call the PSP Help
Desk with questions.  Help Desk scripts with FAQ's will need to be
developed to guide the Help Desk staff on how to answer questions and where
to send the ticket for further answers if they are not able to handle the

*Users Guide* - A Users Guide will need to be developed for the end users.
This will be a guide that can be used to answer operational questions on
how to use the system.

*Administrators Guide* - An Administrators Guide will need to be developed
so that client will understand how the system is setup and how to perform
administration on the system.

*Required / Desired Skills*



*Required / Desired*

*Amount of Experience*

Experience writing detailed technical documentation and tailoring that
documentation to various audiences


5 Years

Experience developing FAQ documents

Highly desired

Experience developing User Guides

Highly desired

Experience developing Training Materials

Highly desired

Experience with MS Office, specifically including Word, Excel, AND Visio


5 Years

Experience with system usability testing - working w/the testing team to
ensure process and system are understood


5 Years

Experience with testing documentation - specifically writing detailed test
scripts to be followed and to ensure all scenarios are tested.


5 Years

Experience obtaining business process information through staff/stakeholder

Highly desired

Previous experience with the business reengineering process

Highly desired

Design/Illustration experience


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