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Title:  ASA Firewall Engineer  posted on 2014-09-11 21:27:35

Job Description:

Please support me for the below requirement with some excellent profiles

Job Title: ASA Firewall Engineer (Pleasanton, CA) – 2 year contract
** 4 year degree REQUIRED! ***


Rate : $ 55 C2C

·         Analysis - Maintaining currency of the Network design vs current
and future production network. Annual review of Boulder network and WAN
failover design
·         Maintenance - Planning, Initiating and executing maintenance
patches to the Boulder network
·         Test & Recovery Planning - Documenting failover and fail back
procedures - Planning up to 4 annual DC failover tests
·         Documentation, Reference Architecture, Designs, Failover,
Fallback and Test Plans
·         BAU Technologies covered
·         KP DCI and MPLS Network
·         Bandwidth Planning
·         Prod IP VLAN Plan
·         MPLS Firewall / IPS Failover
·         Internet DMZ Access Failover (ISP / BGP / F5 Firewall / IPS)
·         Extranet (Alliance) DMZ Access Failover (VPN SP / Firewall / IPS)
·         PCI / Zone Access Failover (Firewall)
·         F5 Load Balancer Infrastructure (F5 GTM / LTM)
·         DR Isolaton Firewall (ASA)
·         DR VPN Concentrator (ASA)
·         DNS Failover Planning and testing (DNS , Bluecat)

Project technical support and planning
•DR Isolated Network
Server and Frame IO Upgrades and Validation
Server Migration Planning and Execution

•Image / Production host name recovery zones POC
POC Design, Planning and Implementation
Production Planning and Implementation

c. Consulting to DR Solution designer and application

a. Solution Design Architecture Review - network aspects
b. Providing advice on how to leverage the DR network design to facilitate
application DR solution designs for recovery and testing

Minimum number of years of experience required: 6

Top 3 - 5 Daily responsibilities:

a. Own Firewall tasks
b. Participate in project team meetings
c. Respond to ad-hoc needs

Top 3 - 5 Required Skills:

a. ASA Firewalls
b. Cisco VPN Concentrators
c. IP Routing

Desired skills

a. F5 Load Balancer
c. IPS

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