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*vam...@grmi.net <vamshi_ru...@aesinc.us.com>*

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 ****Only Green Card / Citizens / GC EAD*** *

*Job Description:*

*Job Title          : Sun IDM Location          : *Dallas, TX`
*Duration          : *6 Months

*Required Skills:*

·         Ability to look into client’s IDM system (Oracle Waveset version
8.1.1) that currently integrates with their Exchange server.

·         Ability to  analyze the integrations and determine if new
adapters from IDM are required to integrate with Exchange 2013. If it turns
out that new adapters are not needed and the existing ones can be adjusted
to work with Exchange 2013, then that needs to be enhanced.  Brinker needed
 this to be done by end of December after which the product vendor will
stop providing any new adaptors

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*Vamshi *

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