Hope you are doing well!

We have an opportunity for *Senior C/C++ Developer* with one of our clients
in *NYC, NY*

Please see the job details below and let me know if you would be interested
in this role.

If interested, please send me a copy of your resume, your contact details,
your availability and a good time to connect with you.

*Title**: **Senior C/C++ Developer*

*Location: **NYC, NY*

*Terms: 6**+ months *

*Job Details:*

*Role Description:(tasks and deliverable)*

   - Develop proprietary low-latency matching engine for real-time
   electronic marketplaces.

*Specific Skills: Minimum, requisite and must have’s:*

   - Extensive knowledge of Linux operating system, hardware-software
   interaction, TCP/IP network programming, IP stack kernel bypass,
   multi-threaded design, memory management techniques, inter-process
   communication, kernel tweaking
   - Comfortable working “under the hood” and skilled in performance tuning
   (applications, OS, socket I/O, etc.)
   - Experience developing sophisticated algorithms for use in real-time
   - Ability to optimize data structure algorithms such as hashing,
   sorting, indexing, queue optimization, semaphore based synchronization
   - Ability to analyze core-dumps and map compiled code and memory space
   to source files
   - Experience working with shared memory

*Specific degree, certifications or industry specific experience client

   - MS in Computer Science or related field
   - Financial services matching engine experience

*Will there be travel?  If yes, will travel be reimbursed by client?   If
yes, how much travel is required?*

   - Minimal travel expected. Client will pay for required business travel
   away from the primary work location.




| **Fx:866.838.0907  | **WWW.CYNETSYSTEMS.COM*

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