Hope you are doing great! Please find the requirement below , If you find
yourself comfortable with the requirement please reply back with your
updated resume and I will get back to you or I would really appreciate if
you can give me a call back at my contact number

*214-541-9047 Position:** UI Developer (face to face interview after

* Location: NYC, NY Duration: 12+ months*

*UI Developer*

(declined due to “Pretty weak in JavaScript and Angular concepts.

Could not answer most of the questions on JavaScript language semantics and
the building blocks of Angular”.

And one going in a Hour.

They move quickly.  See Notes on this.

*Have to be SENIOR.   *

Ex.  When they say 5-7 yrs exp. – it’s more like 8-10 yrs experience.

*Skill and Role Summary:*

*Senior UI Engineer with 8+ yrs experience with at least 3 years experience
building Web Applications using MVC frameworks such as Angular, Backbone or

*Main duties and responsibilities:*

• Converting Mockups to working User Interfaces

• Building well-structured UI components that follow best practices

• Writing Unit and Integration tests

• Taking feedback from users and making interaction changes

• Troubleshooting performance issues


*The requirements are categorized as below:*

*Computer Science*

*- Have a Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science. Lack of a degree
may be substituted by equivalent professional experience *

*- Strong understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, Time/Space

- Working knowledge of Design Patterns

- Working knowledge of Object-Oriented and/or Functional Programming

*UI Engineering*

- Knowledge of using Event Loops, Single-threaded execution

- Experience building and using virtualized UI controls

- Understand the technical details of how UI is rendered on-screen. Eg: How
does browser render HTML?

- Know the difference between Immediate-mode and Retained-mode of rendering

- Experience handling performance issues with rendering

- Experience profiling, debugging and troubleshooting CPU, Memory and logic
issues, preferably with Chrome DevTools.

- Complex Application Development (preferably in financial systems such as:
Risk Management, Monitoring, Trading, Dashboards, Analytics, Data


- Understand the difference between Html 4.0 and Html 5.0

- Have knowledge of what is new in Html 5.0 and the APIs

- Browser differences


- Experience applying Functional and Object-Oriented styles of programming

- Understand details of the prototype chain

*- Working knowledge of standard EcmaScript 5 APIs*

*- Working knowledge of libraries such as: Underscore or LoDash, jQuery*

- Experience building apps with AngularJS. Bonus: Experience with other MVC
frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, React.

- Experience with build tools such as: Grunt, SASS, Browserify, RequireJS


- Know the various kinds of selectors and their specificity

- Understand the new properties introduced in CSS3

- *Understand CSS directives such as @import, @media, @font-face*

- Understand Responsive Web Design

- Understand how selectors are looked up, triggers for Style Recalculation

- Experience with proper structuring of CSS using techniques such as

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