Hi Partners,

Kindly let me know if you have any consultant for the following

Please respond back with an updated resume and all inclusive rates to

*Position: Sr. Storage Admin*

*Location: Long Beach (CA)*

*Duration: 6 months (Extendable)*


Need 14+ years of Experience for each area, candidate will be strong on
Technical skills + Hands on , Client Interview will be there as filtration

1)      *EMC VNX and EMC VMAX*

a.       Front end ports, remove contentions to improve utilization, Disk
layouts, understand what are the hot spots and make it go away, making it
go away could also mean recommendations that the infra is already optimized
and there are too many things running on it.. so capacity management
recommendation would be required and looking at how things can be moved,
place recommendations on how to reduce contentions etc

2)      *Vblock *

a.       Upgrades, manage VCE-RCM (literally every piece of software that
goes on UCS, What goes on VNX, MDXs, ), the order in which to do, (they
have the gear and list of steps to do) and they need a strong hands on
engineer who has done it before, specifically who can talk about how he/she
did it before and  install the software

b.      Client would want that the steps are outlined, documented and
reviewed before the same is implemented on weekends, so that there are no

c.       So there will be emphasis on health checks, what are the steps to
be done.. etc

3)      *VPLEX* is the storage replication technology that client has and
client has the gear, rack and stack – Need an engineer who can help the
VBlocks get onto the Vplex (1 or 2 VBlocks have already been mounted). So
need to bring the remaining storage arrays for the 6 Vblocks into the VPlex

a.       Need hands on engineer who has done it in the past and someone who
knows how to configure the alarms, how to do zoning, what is the order of
operations so that there is no downtime, would it require reboot?

4)      *V to V migration –*

a.       Bunch of virtual machines sitting on VBlock which are going out of

b.      So need to migrate them to new VBlocks in an Automated mode,
coordinate with business, secure downtime if necessary, etc

Thanks & Regards

Santosh Kumar

Burgeon IT Services LLC.

619 New York Avenue, Claymont, DE 19703

Phone No. : 302-220-4724 Ext. 307 Cell: 302-330-7939 Fax : 302-355-1559

Email Id : sant...@burgeonits.com Website: www.burgeonits.com

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