Hope you are doing great!

This is  Saradhi  from Droisys INC, I wanted to get in touch with you to
see if you have any client requirements in which Corp-to-Corp (C2C) is
possible through us. It would be great if you can add me
saradh...@droisys.com  to your mailing list

2 UI candidate available for new projects
1 Perl Developer available for new project in bay area only

Thanks & Regards

Pydi Saradhi Rao
Desk: 408-874-8333 Extn. 258
Skype: saradhi.droisys
Address:  4800 Patrick Henry Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054
saradh...@droisys.com |  www.droisys.com  |  Join Droisys Group

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