My name is Wasim and I'm an IT recruiter at United Software Group Inc..,
Our records show that you are an experienced IT professional with
experience in Project Management.This experience is relevant to one of my
current openings.

*Role: Project Manager*
*Location: Culver City, CA*
*Duration: 6+ months*

Seasoned project manager with a Business Process background, capable of
assisting in the development of the re-envisioned SPHE Trade Promotion
Management Strategy. Project requires a person capable of providing hands
on advancement of project objectives.

Taking direction from SVP, Business development, and input from the project
team, perform core project management functions including:

Project Integration Management - develop the project charter and project
management plan, direct and manage project execution, monitor and control
project work, perform integrated change control, and close project or
phaseProject Time Management - define activities, sequence activities,
estimate activity resources, estimate activity duration, develop schedule,
and control schedule Project Cost Management - estimate cost, determine
budget, and control costProject Quality Management - plan quality, perform
quality assurance, perform quality controlProject Human Resource Management
- assist and provide business expertise in the development of a human
resource plan,  project team, roles and responsibilities for team members,
and facilitate project team activities. Project Communications Management -
Assist project team in identifying stakeholders, planning communications,
information distribution and reporting on performance. Provide business
expertise for Project Risk Management Investigate and communicate to the
TPM team measures necessary to ensure the proper implementation of SPE
defined compliance, security, and controlsReport on achievement of project
goals at post-implementation

 Key outputs

Identify all project dependencies & critical success factors to avoid
potential roadblocks.Develop and implement project communication strategy
for the sales team as well as the broader organization.Create detailed test
phase implementation plan including key communications, training sessions,
monitoring and support required.  Identify  systems that might be able to
provide some level of automation and efficiency during testing phase In
conjunction with pilot / testing, get executive consensus on manual
reporting, scorecard and metrics that will be used to monitor and refine as
needed Implementation of manual testing of proposed strategy and reporting,
provide continuous feedback  on test phases and identify opportunities for
improvement in strategy or process Within 90 Days:

Develop and document process flow, roles and responsibilities for all Trade
Promotion activities.  Connect MRP to LBP to Go to Market strategy and
execution.Completion of manual Pilots and Testing of all strategies.
Report on progress and identify any necessary changes or refinements to
proposed TPM strategy.Implement and monitor manual reporting / scorecard
and metrics solution. Assess usefulness against Pilots and Test
Strategies.  Report on progress and refine as required.Identify gaps in
resources, training and support as they would apply to a long term
solution.Based on the initial scope, begin to research potential system
long term solutions to facilitate faster decision making once test and
pilot phase is complete.
Within 6 Months:

Act as bridge between business units and IT in building, testing and
rolling out a TPM systemDevelop guidelines and training materials to
support new business processes and systems

Communications such as status reports, risk mitigation plans, project
schedules, and project budgets, forecasts

*Wasim Ahmed*

*United Software Group Inc.. 565 Metro Place South. Suite # 110 Dublin, OH
43017 Phone:  614-495-9222 ext 494 <614-495-9222%20ext%20494>Fax:
1-866-764-1148 <1-866-764-1148> *
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