*Rate:- $50*

*VISA copy required*

USG direct client is looking for *Windows /VMWARE Admin at Woonsocket,
RI, Scottsdale, AZ*


·         They need to be high level Windows(OS, Clustering, Networking,
Troubleshooting) and ESX.

·         Minimum of 5 years of ESX AND Windows experience in a build and
support role

·         Team lead type level attitude and experience

·         SnapMirror the VMs to the Enterprise Flexpod (alternatively v2v
the VMs)

·         Physically move two servers (possibly one at a time to minimize
outage duration)

·         Migrate all PVMs onto small footprint of Xen hosts

·         Identify subset of rack servers for small footprint on existing
Xen hosts

·         Identify subset of blade servers for small footprint on existing
VMWare hosts

·         Install and configure small temp vCenter for this small footprint

·         Configure small footprint VMWare cluster

·         Migrate SQL VMs onto small footprint cluster

·         Bring down the entire VMWare environment

·         Bring down the entire Xen environment

·         Build up the Management Cluster environment

·         Build up the vCenter

·         Build up the Xen environment and application pools

·         Build up VMWare Resource cluster for SQL Servers

·         Build infrastructure VMs for management tools

·         Build up vROMs

*Please share your updated resume at* akansh...@usgrpinc.com *or feel free
to contact me at 614-401-5194*

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