Hi Associate,

We have an Urgent opening .Please see the Job Description Below and let me
know if you have any consultant available.

*Position: Linux System Administrator*

*Location: Woonsocket , RI *

*Duration: 6 month*

*Need visa copy and photo id during submission*

System Admin( Linux, Suse), Bash Scripting

*Technical Skills     *

•             Linux Systems Administrator / Engineer

o             Administration of SUSE Linux systems

o             SUSE SLES 11 - SysV/init boot configuration

o             SUSE SLES 12 - systemd boot management

o             Software installation & configuration

o             Installing System updates vi YaST/Zypper

o             Experience with Ubuntu Desktop, RHEL, CENTOS, or other Linux
is a plus but not needed.

*•            Linux OS management*

o             sudo

o             cron

o             syslog/rsyslog

o             using RPM to install packages

o             using zypper to install packages

o             setting file permissions

o             using  ACLs/ACEs to manage file/directory access

o             differentiate between hard links vs soft links

o            Linux boot process

o             understanding the boot process; what files, directories are
used and how

o             troubleshooting boot issues

o             boot alternate operating systems

o             boot alternate disks

o             MBR partitioning

o             GRUB

o             GPT partitioning

*•             Virtualization*

o             Ability to build and maintain VMs builds using KVM / QEMU

o             Familiar with the creation of virtual machines & OS
installation on VMguests

o             Familiar with allocating resources to virtual machines

o             Familiar with the configuration of datastores

o             Familiar with Network Bonding

o             -Vsphere

o             -Vswitches

o             -Installation and configuration of ESXi

* •            LVM  - Logical volume manager *

o             add/expand/configure disks with LVM

o             disk partitioning with FDISK

o             disk partitioning with PARTED

•             Scripting

o             Extensive knowledge of BASH required

o             Prior experience writing bash scripts with 1000’s lines of

o             BASH functions, loops, command line arguments

o             Usage of AWK, SED, PERL, pipes

o             Good knowledge of regular expressions

o             Script debugging

*•            Networking *

o             Configuring network interfaces

o             system files which affect network configuration

o             Troubleshooting network connectivity issues

§             ping

§             TCP vs UDP

§             tcpdump

§             netstat

§             routing

§             firewalls / iptables

* •            DNS *

o             Configuring & managing DNS/BIND

o             Conditional forwarding

o             Master/Slave configurations

Desirable Technical Skills      RHEL Certified

*Thanks *

*Wasim AhmedUnited Software Group Inc.. 565 Metro Place South. Suite #
110 Dublin, OH 43017 Phone:  614-588-8477Fax: 1-866-764-1148 *
*wasimah...@usgrpinc.com* <wasimah...@usgrpinc.com>
 *www.usgrpinc.com* <http://www.usgrpinc.com/>

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