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*VMware Admin*


*Lansing MI*




*$50/HR ON C2C*




*Phone In Person *

*State Experience Highly Preferred*

*U.S. Citizens and those authorized to work in the U.S. are encouraged to

*Note: For H1 While submitting I need consultant I 797 OR ID Proof.*

Primary work is with setting up, upgrading and daily ongoing support for a
variety of servers. Their configurations are designed by the Social
Security Administration (SSA) and a private contractor, MicroPact St.
Louis. The need is to monitor servers on a daily basis and work with DTMB,
DDS and SSA IT staff to plan out frequent upgrades of hardware and
software. Servers are located at 4 MI DDS locations and DTMB hosting center.

Primary work is for the DDS/SSA servers co-located in the Lake Superior
Hosting Center and various local DDS sites. This position is also
responsible for the migration of new MicroPact St Louis letter print
software on multiple SSA purchased Dell R720 Windows Server 2012 servers
and assisting with the installing of Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V on
multiple servers that handle 5,000 – 7,000 letters per day.



*Years Used*

*Last Used*

Experience with setting up, upgrading and daily ongoing support for a
variety of MS Windows servers and platforms

*5 Years*

Network configuration management experience

*5 Years*

Hyper-V Virtualization server administration experience

*5 Years*

LAN Administration and support

*5 Years*

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 support

*4 Years*


*Highly desired*


*Highly desired*

State of MI - Disability Determination Service (DDS) experience


Previous employment by Social Security Administration and having passed
HSPD-12 screening


*|Thank You|*

*|Praveeth Chava|Accounts Manager|*

|*prave...@hclglobal.com|)248-473-0720 EXT 163|

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