Hi Associate,

We have an Urgent opening .Please see the Job Description Below and let me
know if you have any consultant available.

*Senior Performance Engineer *

*Location: Charlotte, NC (Need Locals)*

*Duration: 6 Months+ contract*

*Need visa copy and photo id during submission*

• Experience on  OS Monitoring, JVM Tuning, GC Tuning, Heap dump analysis,
Thread dump analysis, SQL, PL/SQL tuning, End to End Performance

*Mandatory Technical / Functional Skills *

• 8 + years of experience in the field of Performance Testing & Engineering

• Working experience in APM tools like Dynatrace, CA Wily Introscope, App
Dynamics, etc.

• Frontend Performance Experience using tools viz. Fiddler, Browser
Developer Toolkit, WEBPAGETEST, FireBug, PageSpeed, HTTPWatch, etc.

• Working  knowledge of HTTP load generation /measurement software (e.g.
LoadRunner, JMeter, etc.)

• Understanding of concept of cache, memory management, Java Virtual
Machine, JIT, JVM Garbage Collection

• Working knowledge of database tuning and administration (e.g. Oracle,

• Familiar with Oracle SQL / PL SQL query plan analysis/tuning,
contention/locking analysis and tuning

• Familiar with Oracle clustering technologies (e.g. RAC, Grid, OPS)

• Excellent working knowledge of Oracle SQL Trace, TKPROF, Statspack, and
AWR reports

• Working knowledge of Network packet sniffers (e.g. TcpDump, Network
Monitor, WinDump, EtherPeek, Observer)

• Familiar with Application servers (e.g. Jetty, Resin, Weblogic,
WebSphere, JBoss)

• Familiar with Java Debugging / Monitoring Software (e.g. JProfiler,
DynaTrace, Introscope)

• Experience in identifying bottlenecks for Scalability and Performance

*Roles and responsibility               *

• Maintain high morale and motivate engineers to go above and beyond

• Foster innovation, collaboration, and teamwork within the team

• Monitoring to pinpoint problems and visualize trends over time for
internal and production environments

• Ability to identify / resolve system bottlenecks

• Ability to identify potential limitations in software architectures

• Troubleshooting and reasoning skills

*Desirable Technical / Functional Skills   *

• Reproduce critical customer situations requiring special performance
tests or simulations

• Generate data for weekly charts trending product performance against
target goals and project milestones

• Add instrumentation code on production to improve our monitoring efforts

• Experience with data mining tools (e.g., Splunk, Sumologic, Loggly)

• Identifying potential bottlenecks/Root cause analysis & providing tuning

• Validate benefits achieved through optimizations

• End to End Performance monitoring during performance testing and UAT

• Estimate workload and growth forecast in production

*Thanks *

*Wasim AhmedUnited Software Group Inc.. 565 Metro Place South. Suite #
110 Dublin, OH 43017 Phone:  614-588-8477Fax: 1-866-764-1148 *
*wasimah...@usgrpinc.com* <wasimah...@usgrpinc.com>
 *www.usgrpinc.com* <http://www.usgrpinc.com/>

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characteristic protected under federal, state, or applicable local law.*

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