Hi All

There are currently two retreats in the planning stages, both for early(ish) next year. One is proposed for the Washington DC area around March, the other is a planned return to Knockree in Ireland in April/May.

Both of these events are still at the planning stage, and both need help to happen. There are two main ways people can help out, one of which is suitable for people who'll be coming, the other is available to everyone.

Firstly, we're looking for volunteers to help organise the event. These will be people who'll help out with getting the venue, will help draw up the website, write announcements etc. They'll then come along to the event, help with registration, help run the barcamp, and all that jazz. It's not actually too much work, and is great fun :)

Secondly, we're looking for people who can help get the word out, but this doesn't have to be restricted to only volunteers who can make the event. One thing that has been discovered through recent retreats is that they work best if around half the people coming are from a small number of PMCs that are aiming for a big meetup, and the other half are a wide range of local committers. So, we're looking for volunteers who can help work with PMCs to identify good locations for a meetup, then get those PMCs to spread the word about a given retreat. This role would therefore be a mix of writing up guidelines, helping write the event website, making contact with PMCs, and generally driving things through.

Helping out with one of these events is very much recommended for people who are considering running their own BarCampApache event or Retreats. So, if you were thinking of organising either of those for your own local area, do please volunteer to help out!

So, is anyone able to help out in either role for either event?


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