On 10/05/2011 22:54, Troy Howard wrote:

I'm excited to go to the retreat this weekend. I'm getting the last
bits of preparation done.

I'll be arriving at Dublin Airport, Friday ~5:30pm. As others have
planned, I'm intending to take a bus from the airport to a DART
station, and then down to Bray Station. Has anyone figured out yet
what the best DART station in Dublin is?
I did it last year and I can't remember. I guess that must mean it was obvious. Looking at the map http://www.dublintourist.com/maps/dublin_suburban_rail.shtml I think I probably got on the DART at Connolly station, although Tara St or Pearce St would have been just as good. I think I just figured it would be easier to work out which train to get on if I was at the station.

Since there are no rides planned from Bray to the hostel at that time
of day, I'm planning to do the 185 bus connection, and then walk (as
suggested by the hostel website).
One of us will pick you up from Bray, we just done have that level of detail on the lift share page - we'll have a phone number for you to call. I'll try and get that out to you later today.
Then, on Monday morning, I'll need to be in Dublin by 8:00am. Does
anyone know the best way to achieve that?
I know at least one person with a car that wants to be in Dublin early-ish on Monday. I'm sure that we can work this out.
Do the DART trains run that
early? What time would I need to leave on Monday morning to make that
happen (assuming I had to walk a significant distance).

Perhaps a hired cab would be the way to go...

Also, Lucene.Net is planning a Hackathon for the weekend as well!


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