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Thanks for the heads-up. I'm doing some testing with this right now. I'll let you know 
what I find out.


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Andrew Cook wrote:
>I am using retrosepect v5.0 on a PC NT server, and find that the
>clock syncing function is not working on my clients (mac & pc).  I use
>retrospect server scripts, and all of my clients are defined with
>the sync clock option.  The clients are all configured without
>the read only box checked, yet retrospect does not reset my
>client's clocks when the servers run.  If I go into the configure
>clients section on the server, I can hit the sync clock button
>under the tools tab and it does it - so the functionality works, just
>not when the scripts run.  How am I missing the boat, or is this
>a problem with retrospect server on the PC?
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