I've got a 6100 and an 8100 that I recently upgraded to OS 9 (with 
Retro Client 4.2a) and ever since then I get a 1028 client not 
visible on network error when retro tries to run its scheduled backup 
scripts. Nothing else has changed (no change in the wiring or jacks). 
These clients are set up as TCP/IP clients. The weird thing is that I 
can go back to the server and "configure" the clients w/o a problem, 
they show up every time. Finally the other night I got the 1028 error 
on both, reran the script, got it one and not the other, then ran it 
a third time and finally got the 2nd client.

I know this sounds like a network problem, but I can find no other 
indications of any networking errors (i.e. these machines never drop 
of the network, never have problems printing and we use a 
client-server based database all throughout the day and they never 
have problems communicating with the server). It just seems like too 
much of a coincidence that this started as soon as I upgraded to OS 
9. (btw the server is still under 8.5.1)

Are there any known problems like this only with nubus powermacs?

-Greg Morin

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