Hi Garret,

The mechanism within the Cybernetics CY-V33 is a VXA mechanism from Ecrix
<http://www.ecrix.com/>. It's a new mechanism that is pretty exciting - 33MB
per tape (non-compressed), 3MB/sec transfer rate. It actually writes packets
to tape, and has a focus on restoring data from the tape - they boiled a
tape, froze one in ice and poured coffee on one, dried them off and got the
data! I was just using one in the Dantz booth at MacWorld and was pretty

Now, if Cybernetics has changed the SCSI init string, it's possible that
their drive won't work with Retrospect, but the Ecrix drives are not only
qualified by Dantz and appear on our Hardware Buyer's Guides for PC & Mac,
but they bundle Retrospect now with their Mac drives. (Also, no ADK
required!) You can get more information at the Cybernetics site at
<http://www.cybernetics.com/specs/8mm/cyv33/cyv33.html>, or at the
Ecrix-hosted VXAtape.com <http://www.vxatape.com/>.

If any other folks at Dantz have other information, I'm sure they'll chime


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> Subject: Support for Cybernetics CY-V33
> I have come across a new 8mm tape system, Cybernetics Cy-V33 and was
> wondering if anyone new whether Dantz supported this drive or has any
> experience with it. I did not see it on the list of compatible though other
> cybernetics drives are but was unsure how often it gets updated.
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