The only way I've seen this work is if the removable bit is set to be on.
Most hard drive formatting utilities, for obvious reasons, don't do this.
LaCie's SilverLining, since LaCie makes quite a few hot-swappable drives,

We usually recommend against using a hard drive as a removable since, first,
Retrospect will consume the entire disk for itself. Unless you partition it,
the entire disk is dedicated to Retrospect's backup set.

Also, if any of your other hard disks have been formatted with the removable
bit on, it's easy to mistake one for the backup medium. Retrospect will
happily erase whatever "removable" disk you tell it to. Though this may not
seem likely now, this has lead to disaster for quite a few customers who
rushed through the "Are you sure you want to erase...?" process.

Finally, when Retrospect runs out of room on the hard disk, it will "eject"
it, meaning the only way you can mount it again is through your formatting
utility or by restarting the computer.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

> Reply-To: "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 21:32:36 +0100
> Subject: make a 13 GB hard disk as removable with resedit
>>>>>> le 12:38 -0500 20/12/99, Thomas Myers a écrit :
>> RE: You can use resedit to make retrospect recognize other media. I
>> back up to disk images all the time.  Ask tech support for the fix
>> or if you can't get it I have it archived away somewhere.
>> Tom
> I don't find the fix on the tech support :-(
> How make a non removable big hard disk of 13G as removable... to
> bypass the limit of 2GB with storageset files ?
> Many thanks for help :-)
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