I have not been able to get the Yamaha 6416 to write a normal backup 
on my home PowerBase, upgraded to a G3 with Retrospect. It would 
write out about half a disk, and then give me an error (forgot what 
it was, but don't think it was the error 100). Wasted several CD-R's. 
Then I went out and got some CD-RWs and experimented, and the only 
way I could reliably get the Yamaha to write on the PowerBase was to 
write volumes with Toast (bundled with the drive). Couldn't get it to 
write multi-session files/folders (buffer under-runs, or some such). 
Real PITA. Obvious problem somewhere. Too bad, as otherwise it seems 
like it would be a good mechanism.

Jim Coefield

>Subject: Re: QUERY: CD-RW Yamaha S6416 mechanism problems??
>From: "Matthew Tevenan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 08:06:18 -0800
>Dantz has verified that there is a bug in the firmware of the Yamaha 6416
>CD-RW drive. While we have notified Yamaha of this bug, until we are
>apprised of a solution to this problem, we can no longer officially support
>backup to the Yamaha 6416 CD-RW drive with Retrospect or Retrospect Express.
>The bug will cause the drive to intermittently return error 100 (illegal
>command) when used with Retrospect on slower Macintosh and PC models. We
>have some suggestions to try to work around this problem: use a faster
>backup computer if there is one available, or try to increase the data rate
>by disabling software compression and minimizing external activity during
>backup. In Windows, you can also try disabling auto-insert notification.
>Though Retrospect will recognize and load a driver for this device, you may
>see the error when backing up to this drive on your computer. The only
>computers I have not seen this error occur on are Power Mac G3s and G4s or
>very fast Pentiums, though even these fast machines are not guaranteed to
>work correctly with the drive.
>Please call us directly if you have any further questions.
>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation

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