If you are talking Audio DAT, then no, Retrospect would have no way 
of knowing how to read that format.  However, a standard Audio DAT 
player would be able to play the DAT tapes into a Mac, and digitize 
it.  However that would be a Digital->Analog->Digital conversion.

However, if the DAT tape contains data (mp3 files) backed-up 
retrospect will be able to restore those files and toast can burn 
those files to cdrom.


At 1:46 AM -0700 1/28/00, Robin Bateman wrote:
>Hi All I know this is OT but who else knows tons about DAT?
>I have a client with a load of DAT audio which they want to get off onto CD
>I know the latest version of Toast will get audio from a variety of sources
>(Vinyl etc) but I don't think it will get audio off DAT
>Does anyone know of sw which will get audio data off DAT to then MP3 or burn
>to CD (Mac based)
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