>First, could this be done on one computer or would the load be too

Dantz can probably answer your questions alot better than I but here's my
2. The load wouldn't be too high, what the problem would be is the amount
of storage you have available and the amount of time to backup these
babies. It sound slike you might want to split up your 600 Macs into
multiple servers. Also, for highest speed, get a decent speed drive and
also make sure that all of your clients use the Retrospect TCP/IP and not
the Appletalk since itr is faster. If you have a non-PowerMac you will not
be able to use the TCP/IP version of Retrospect and will be stuck with
using the slow Appletalk.

>Second, what are some good backup strategies?  I have looked through the
>manual, but none of those strategies seem ideal.  I'm thinking we would
>want to keep backup data around for about 2 months before it expires (is
>removed).  I'm also thinking that I could just create 2 backup sets
>which recycling done on alternating months.  This data could then be
>backed up to tape on a nightly basis.  I'm not sure if this is a good
>solution or not.

Here in my department, have a somewhat unusual strategy that was
established before my coming here that might fit your needs. We generate a
script to do a full backup on Friday night and run all weekend. Then Monday
through Thursday we do incremental updates. The following Friday we start
over with Week 2 and then Week 3 and so on. We name our tapes Week 1 Odd
(for Odd Months) and Week 1 Even for Even months. We save the 1st weeks
backup permenantly (2 years at least) but we recycle the Week 2-5 the rest
of the year until a tape has seen it's share of use.

Travis Morgan
Macintosh Systems Administrator/Webmaster

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