>Has anyone had any experience on how well Sun's Solstice/Legato 
>systems backup solution works on the Mac.
>It claims it supports up to Mac OS 8.5.  Our sys admin is looking at 
>trashing retrospect and switching over to Solstice adn I need to 
>know how that is going to affect our Macs.
>Any fodder I can use to keep retrospect would be appreciated.

We use Legato Networker to backup our Solaris workstations and use 
Retrospect to backup our Macs and PCs. I administer both systems, so 
I know what it is really like to use both. Both have distinct 
strengths and weaknesses, but in my humble opinion I favor Retrospect 
for desktop systems.

A year ago we gave up using Networker to backup the Macs because the 
client software was, at best, an afterthought. The backups so 
consumed the processor that it rendered the Macs useless if you tried 
to back up during the day and quite often could not complete the back 
up at night due to various reasons.

Pros: UNIX based, can handle multiple streams, extremely customizable 
and flexible, client can initiate file recover sessions

Cons: Steep learning curve, poor support for Mac OS, expensive, tech 
support slow to respond, difficult to configure, no easy way to 
backup laptops

Pros: Mac OS and Windows well supported, easy to configure and 
maintain, relatively inexpensive

Cons: No multiple streaming capabilities, no remote administration, 
no client side recovery capabilities

Overall we are very satisfied with Retrospect as a backup solution 
for desktop systems. Unless Legato has completely changed its 
attitude towards the Mac OS, I would advise you stay with Retrospect. 
I can understand your sysadmins position, it would be great for one 
solution for all platforms. Are you listening Dantz!

Andrew Philipoff
Computer Resource Specialist
Magnetic Resonance Science Center
University of California, San Francisco
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